The subconscious mind is the immutable game-changer that operates from the background.

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Having an end in view helps to keep you in the right direction.

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Baldness isn’t a weird look but a natural appearance. It’s cool when you wear it with grace and confidence.


The one commonality in every change irrespective of the size is that they create a challenge in the lives of people who would flood the marketplace searching for the right product or services that would solve their latest problems.

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Your future self remains a stranger until you draw it closer.


All deaths are not the same because all lives are not the same.


Take it back from where you tossed it.

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Folks that told stories about UFOs mightn’t be crazy after all.

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It helps to focus on things that matter.

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A sad story

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Madoc Maduka

* Writer | Entrepreneur | Humanitarian *

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