Folks that told stories about UFOs mightn’t be crazy after all.

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My friend, a UFO enthusiast reached out to everyone that doubted and labeled him a looney for telling many UFO stories after the US Government grants authorization to release unclassified videos of unidentified flying objects….He was elated because he believed his doubters are about to see that he hasn’t been telling baseless stories to entertain or attract attention to himself.

Stories about the flying saucers abound, but these stories have one thing in common, they’re all about the sightings of these objects. …

It helps to focus on things that matter.

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A few years ago I asked my mentor what I should be doing to improve my grades? I thought he’d give a lengthy response since he enjoys talking to students and helping them to make the right choices, but he simply told me to make every day count.

It was a snappy response that made a lot more sense to me now than back then. At that time I only interpreted his advice as getting more academic tasks done each day and devoting more time to difficult subjects. …

A sad story

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Every rainy night, my neighbor would pummel and throw his wife around like a worthless object.

Her voice will screech to the roof. Her tears will flood the floor of their living room. And the vapors from her pains will permeate the neighborhood, but the innocent rain will drown it all into silence. She would squeal and plead for help, but no one would hear. And no one would come to rescue her from a bully of a husband.

And when morning comes, her broken face would tell a fresh tale of her heart-wrenching life. And her bloodshot eyes will…

The subconscious mind is the immutable game-changer that operates from the background.

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The human brain is massive and very complex. It has a limitless virtual memory capacity to store life experiences including thoughts, feelings, pictures, and information of all kinds. Being able to control your mind and having control over your life is always challenging because of the great size and functionality of the human brain. Though its capabilities and complexity defeat human comprehension, we still can exact some level of control over our minds.

The subconscious is defined as the mental activities just below the threshold of consciousness. This is the phase of the human mind that receives and keeps various…

Because an amicable end of a relationship isn’t the most important thing.

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It has become what I call a great achievement to end a relationship amicably.

When a once wonderful relationship begins to quake, the creators would start having different ideas and plans. One person might be thinking of how to ameliorate the crisis, save the relationship, or at least end it amicably. While the other would be determined to walk away at all cost.

It depends on what the relationship has turned them into and the outside forces that are shaping the next phase of their lives.

A friend of mine spent months trying to create a perfect end for her…

What’s moderation to you?

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The point of drinking in moderation is that sometimes you don’t drink in moderation.” Artie Lange

All I wanted was a sip. But shortly it began to feel like I was sitting with a close friend who would listen to my ramblings without passing judgment. I took another and then the flame of stress, and anxiety began to dissipate.

I then say to myself, if a sip can work such wonder, imagine what it’d be like to have some more. I poured more into the shiny glass and lifted it enthusiastically for another gulp. There and then everything began to…

Is it possible to have more peace and less chaos at this intersection?

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The pandemic came unannounced. It rattled our lives like roaring thunder, and brought almost every activity to a halt. Some were lucky to stay safe in their homes, while the hospitals were the destination of many that would never return to their homes again.

I remember normal and what it was like, but I can’t recall what my predominant thought was because we were all busy with our normal lives. Work, rest, and continue. We continued pushing forward until when the dark cloud stretched to the West, poured down heavily, and splashing everywhere.

Our grip on normal was tight. We…

Laughter is a renowned stress reliever.

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“Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.” — Norman Cousin

The immense benefits of laughter to our mental health and general wellbeing came to the limelight after Norman Cousin published his book, Anatomy of an Illness: As Perceived by the Patient. The book explained how the author used laughter and humor to transform his life and overcome an illness that would’ve consumed him.

Ever since different studies have affirmed the serious physiological benefits of laughter especially on individuals that experience it on regular basis.

We enjoy laughter so much that we easily get…

Having an end in view helps to keep you in the right direction.

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“Let all your efforts be directed to something, let it keep that end in view. It’s not activity that disturbs people, but false conceptions of things that drive them mad.”— Seneca

A Picture of what you want to achieve in life offers many things. It displays the path to take. And helps you to appraise your achievements to determine whether you’re getting the result that aligns with your values and true desires.

The right picture shows you where the ladder that’s going to take you to the top is positioned so you can put your foot on it and…

They’re the grist to the mill.

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“Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on the good writing days nothing else matters.” — Neil Gaiman

Writers react differently to every negative outcome they experience in their writing careers. Many would feel momentarily demotivated. While others would allow disinterest to set in and separate them from the craft.

When the editors reject your piece, they’d only leave a note denoting that your piece was deemed unfit for publication. You’re going to be the one to figure out while your post was rejected…

Rejections can be enervating and discouraging especially after investing time and…

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