An Evening to Remember

He wished he had seen the storm brewing under the nice weather.



Photo by Timur Romanov on Unsplash

It was a perfect evening. The type you’d cherish after living indoors for some time due to dreadful chilly weather or a mandatory lockdown. The weather was warm and breezy. The trees in their usual kind disposition swayed their branches in different directions giving the scenery a more magnificent look and the climate very comfortable to relax and move around. This type of weather can persuade anyone to abandon the drab comfort of their couch for the park, garden, or any open place.

I was busy in my scanty garden ostensibly removing some grasses when I heard a knock on my front door. At the same time, I received a call from Max but I couldn’t make out what he said during the call. I opened his WhatsApp message which read: “I’m at the door, Sammy.”

Max has been my friend and close colleague for five years. I was a few months to clock two years with the firm when he joined us. He is young, curious, and hardworking. And that was all the boss needed to employ him. Some colleagues questioned the boss’s decision given his lack of experience, but the young man proved doubters wrong with a series of excellent performances that won him lots of admirers.

I unlocked the door and standing before me was a total stranger. A bearded man in his late twenties. He had the shifty eyes of a crook and a wide biceps of a football player. There were different tattoos on his body, but the biggest one was a drawing of an owl which broadly covered his left arm. The unsettling sneer on his face sent my heart thumping. He placed his jacket under his thick right arm to enable him to conceal the handgun that would pump bullets into my body if I attempt any quick move.

Let’s go inside and have a chat, Sammy, this would be quick. I promise.” He shook his head slightly as he commandeered me into my sitting room. “Where’s Max?” I asked in a trembling tone as I walked slowly into my sitting room with my hands clasped behind my head and my back facing the entrance.

In response, he slammed the door, and closed the blinds before issuing a menacing warning. “Shut up!” He warned. “From now on, don’t speak unless you’re spoken to. Trust me, this isn’t a warning, but a life-saving tip.”