You Can Use Your Gifts to Transform Your Life

Stop dwelling on what you don’t have yet.



Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

Your gifts can help you create beautiful memories and connect you with like-minded individuals. It can open doors for you and take you to places you never imagined. However, this can only happen after you’ve taken good care of your gift. When you nurture what you have, you become adept at it. You prepare yourself to better manage any unforeseen challenges that might rear its head tomorrow to bring you down.

Our gifts are meant to help us live happier lives. You may have identified yours but ignored it. You may have identified it and used it to achieve transformational outcomes in life. The truth is that we all have unique talents and life becomes more meaningful when we spend time developing it and using it to distinguish ourselves out there.

You Have Enough.

Many of us are guilty of erroneously assuming that we don’t have what it takes to take a bold step into a new direction that’s challenging, but greatly beneficial. We keep telling ourselves that we need to amass more knowledge, maybe get a new degree before we step into a new path and start fighting for our due splace.

The truth is, it’s not about what you have or what you believe you don’t have yet. It’s about what you’re doing with what you already have. How are you spending your time developing it so you can use it to produce more?

It’s alright to desire to be adequately prepared with more knowledge and skill, before commencing a challenging task. But acknowledging that you have enough and making optimal use of what you have is what works. Because when you make good use of what you have, you’ll have more. You’d amass experiences that will place you on a higher level.

Your Alibis Are Working Against You.

There are many alibis we use to stop ourselves from facing our main tasks. And the more we stick to tasks we are used to, the more we find more alibis to help us hide from the core tasks that are initially difficult. Alibis helps us stay on relatively easy tasks and avoid facing difficult tasks that would eventually transform our lives.

Waiting to have more before trying something new is an alibi the mind creates to…