What you’d find behind the fragile wall of your vulnerabilities.

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“If we’re wrapping ourselves up to conceal any vulnerability, whatever happens to us has to go through all those extra layers. Sometimes love doesn’t even reach where we truly live.” — Alexandra Katehakis

Why have you wasted so much time trying to hide the real you? Instead of being authentic, you learn to mold yourself into different shapes that would allow you to fit in so as not to be seen as imperfect. You wear a cover to appear like those you wish to be like.

What’re the simple methods you’re using to achieve great results?

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“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” — Abraham Lincoln

When Jim Rohn got tired of living in penury, he went searching for someone to impact him with some insights so that he can transform his financial life. Fortunately for him, an erstwhile colleague introduced him to a rich man who would later become his mentor.

His mentor enlightened him and exposed him to a wealth of knowledge and understanding. …

Without change, there would be no way of getting all the things you hope to get in life.

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I remember wasting my time trying to fix a relationship that has fulfilled its purpose because I was unprepared to willingly accept change and move on with my life. Frustrations and undue stress have always been the outcome each time I resisted change and tried to create an imagined preferable reality for myself.

Resisting change works contrary to your purpose because change no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel is vitally important in life. Resisting change can birth mediocrity, hardship, and a life of little or no excitement. …

What’s your why? And how supportive is your environment?

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Why are some people almost always motivated to take the right actions in their lives? And why would some people wake up in the morning feeling unmotivated to work on their goals?

You may have a system in place to help you get things done. You set achievable goals — and anchor them on your reliable system. But nothing significant would be achieved at the end of the day if you’re unable to find the motivation to work on your planned tasks.

Motivation is like an inbuilt engine that empowers and directs you to your tasks — and keeps you…

You’re supposed to be different.

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It has become very easy to lose focus, get carried away, and start competing with others nowadays that we’re more connected to each other and have more things to look at and admire.

Competition is like a wind that has touched every one of us in one way or another. It has shifted the direction and focus of many individuals.

As a result, many people have gone from being to trying to become. From being different to becoming ordinary, and from being creators to becoming competitors.

Competition among individuals has become more intense due to increased pressure to succeed, to…

#1. Train Your Wings to Withstand The Wind.

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Henry Ford was a talented businessman that achieved massive success and etched his name in history. He didn’t achieve tremendous success merely because he was smart and talented, but because he understood what it means to be an entrepreneur.

He made good use of what he had at a time when the essential resources needed to start a business and succeed were difficult to come by. He experimented and collaborated with the right people to build a giant automobile company that’s still in existence today.

Insights from the right individuals can go a long way to help a determined individual…

Be among those that would write and share their stories despite challenges.

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“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.” — Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson, despite having her life fraught with different challenges, wrote more than a thousand poems. Her work is touching, emotional, and inspirational. She enriched her poems with her ideas, insights, and experiences by drawing inspirations from the events that occurred in her life to create pieces that resonate with so many folks.

Many have been able to refuse to allow life and its endless challenges to stymie their…

Make them look forward to it if you want them to read it.

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How many email newsletters are you subscribed to? How many have you unsubscribed from? And why do you choose to continue to receive email newsletters from some content creators?

Chances are you’re receiving the values or the benefits you envisioned when you clicked ‘subscribe’ filled up the form, and submit.

Email newsletters remain the best way to connect with followers and build a rewarding relationship with them. A fulfilled follower will willingly spend on your product or services. He or she would be keen to share your content and speak to others about how insightful your contents are. …

If you want to bring your uniqueness to light.

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Don’t confound static electricity with ecstatic eccentricity. One will leave your hair up, the other will live up in the air!” — Ana Claudia Antunes,

Have you ever wondered why some aspects of you are very different? Why you do some things in a very different way? And what it’d be like if there are no some aspects of you that are odd?

It’s unthinkable to live in a world where every human does things the same way. It won’t be fun. And Innovations would be hard to come by because innovation occurs when people embrace their weirdness and allow…

Breathing through writing is how you transmit life to your story.

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“If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.” – Anais Nin

Breathing through writing, singing, and crying out in writing is how you transmit life to your story. It’s how you spread your feelings in your writing. Letting it flow all over the paper. Releasing your thoughts emotions and feelings and allowing them to journey, locate the readers, and permeate into their lives.

You say it all. And when you’re done, the story will be on its way…

Madoc Maduka


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